Project Description

The Concurrent transmission in massive MIMO based radio access networks: Algorithms and air interfaces (SOLID-5G) is a 36 months project that is creating the new solutions for management and orchestration for massive IoT in Internet of Vehicle and maritime applications.  

Our vision

The project has the following four objectives

The main technical WPs are


WP1 is the project management WP, the one that glues all these interesting workplaces focused on the tasks to be delivered.  


Scenarios, business models, requirements and overall architecture, will trigger all the other technical WPs by  creating the first requirements and initial architecture 


Concurrent transmission in massive MIMO based radio access networks: Algorithms and air interfaceswill develop Ultra Low Latency and Energy Efficient massive MIMO  mechanisms for data collection for massive IoT 


Development of network slicing and mobile edge computing methods, algorithms and protocolswill develop the architectures and implement the requirements developed in WP2.  


WP2 to WP4 will all be implemented in WP5 and experimentation will be conducted in order to spot as early as possible what works and what part needs optimization.  


WP6 will keep you updated through dissemination activities and will find the best way to spin-off the project using the exploitation partners.