A Massive MIMO Enabled IoT Platform with Network Slicing for Beyond 5G IoV/V2X and Maritime Services 

While the IoT is revolutionizing our society at an unprecedented pace, more recent R&D and industrial innovation focus is shifting towards the new direction of massive IoT (mIoT), which refers to the 10’s of billions of devices, objects, and machines that require ubiquitous connectivity at a density of 1 million devices per square kilometer.  The project team observer that there is a knowledge gap on exploring opportunities and challenges provided by joint operation of massive IoT  based data collection and network slicing/edge computing.  

The main goal of the SOLID-B5G project is to develop breakthrough beyond state-of-the-art solutions in orchestration management and control (OMC) of resourcesin the context of network slicing and edge computing based on mIoT enabled radio access network (RAN) and core network (CN) for B5G IoV/V2X and maritime applications. The output of this project will be produced based on our cutting-edge research. 

Description of the EEA program

The project scope is in full conformity with the EEA Norway Grants CRP Call, aiming at enhancing research-based knowledge development in Romania through long-term collaborations with two Norwegian partners as well as two other eminent third-country partners.